Exclusive Taxpayer Advocacy Services – Join the Winner’s Circle!

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Stop Overpaying Now! Here at Oakmont, we have heard the stories of good people unknowingly overpay in tax debt. As good citizens, we want to contribute our fair share. What usually ends up happening is that the taxpayer donates their share many times over … only to do it again a year later! Due to…

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IRS Tax Negotiations Success, Learn the Insider Secret

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    Learn the insider secret that will give YOU the leverage to dominate your IRS Tax Negotiations!   Everyday actions are what lead to great success or the perception of great failure. If you are a business owner, everyday financial decisions determine the direction of your financial destiny! While doing business, even for seasoned…

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Tax deductions that will save you thousands


Tax deductions that will save you thousands In this article we will discuss tax deductions that will Save you thousands of dollars and accelerate your business to greater heights. Have an understanding of whats considered a tax deduction. In order to deduct a business expense it needs to be necessary, helpful and appropriate for your business. An…

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