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Valerie Valencia

I am very pleased with the work and outcome Oakmont has made on my behalf. Oakmont is an honest and professional company who cost are more than fair. I had an unfortunate experience with two other similar companies, they took my money and did zero work for me after using scare tactics to get me to …

Shakisha Brewington

I have a tax lien for 406,000. I was worried and completely stressed out. I was withdrawn from family and friends. It was almost impossible to focus. I was uncertain of what to do. I contacted a tax resolution group in Phoenix, Arizona and allowed them to proceed on my case. I spent thousands of dollars to find my case was at a standstill and nothing was being resolved. I spent

Mike Elfenbein

Oakmont Tax Relief has provided excellent attention to my situation and has achieved a positive outcome to date consistent with what they said they would accomplish. The fees charged were what they told me they would be…no extra charges were incurred.The professionalism, honesty and integrity with which they conducted themselves made me very pleased that I chose them to represent me – Mike Elfenbein